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Sanford Berrong

The son of Leander Jackson Berrong & Docia Allen.

Sanford Berrong was born on June 17, 1894 in Towns County Georgia. He died on December 4, 1960. He married Anne Eller. Anne was born on February 10, 1896. ( the daughter of Barnett and Laura Eller). Sanford is buried in Towns Co. Georgia in the Upper Hightower Cemetary.

Sanford Berrong & Anne Eller had the following children:

Edwin Jackson Berrong was born on June 7, 1921. He married Sara Manita Jenkins (the daughter of Thomas Judson Jenkins & Bonnie Lou Caldwell). Edwin and Sara had the following children: Thomas Gary and Robyn Berrong.

William Wayne Berrong was born on April 9, 1923. He married Donni Hicks.

Gladys Lucille Berrong - was born on March 4, 1926. She married Howard Seale.

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