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Willis Pinkney Berrong

The son of Andrew Jackson Berrong & Louisiana Allen

Siblings of Willis Pickney Berrong -Enoch Harve & Julius Lavator Berrong

 Willis Pinkney BERRONG married Lydia KILPATRICK

 Willis Pinkney Berrong & Lydia Kilpatrick had the following children:

 Samuel Burton  Berrong  (see below)
 Charles Berrong
  Napoleon Berrong
  Perlie Berrong

Son's of Willis Pinkney Berrong & Lydia Kilpatrick Berrong

Samuel Berrong is second from the right (wearing the neck tie).

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Samuel Burton Berrong married Elsie ANDERSON

 Samuel Burton Berrong & Elsie Anderson had the following children:

1) Daniel Harry BERRONG --Daniel  married Janet Lois Mantz
Daniel  & Janet  had the following children:

  • Richard Michael  Berrong

  •  James Daniel Berrong

  •  Kathryn Jane Berrong.


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