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Edward Carlton Berrong


 Cora Alva Blalock Berrong Family

Edward Carlton Berrong, the son of Leander Jackson “Jack” Berrong  and  Maggie Glazer  was born in Towns County in 1881 and died in 1918 in Clarkesville, Ga. He was struck by lightning and killed instantly while picking apples in a nearby orchard. He is buried in Level Grove Cemetary in Cornelia, Ga. along side his wife, Cora Alva Blalock. Eddie Berrong and Cora had 7 children as follows :

  • E.C. Berrong – died in infancy
  • Vaughn Berrong – died in infancy
  • Hartridge Berrong  - born 1/17/1909 in Habersham  County, Ga. died 8/1988 in Atlanta.  Hartridge Berrong married Sue Gammons . They had 1 child Mary Elizabeth Berrong, born 11/27/1934.  She is married to Winfred Nelson Green and lives in Stone Mountain, Ga. They have 1 son, Nelson Hartridge Green.
  • Hubert Berrong – born 1/11/1911 in Habersham County, Ga. Died 1984 Commerce, Ga. Hubert Berrong was married once and had no children
  • Mildred Maggie Berrong – Born 8/15/ 1914  in Habersham, Ga  Died 2/2000 Atlanta.  Mildred Berrong married Dee Sosebee  and had 2 children, Glenda and Peggy Sosebee. Glenda was married with no children. Peggy married Norman Stone and had 2 children, Duane and Todd Stone. Peggy, Norman, Duane, and Todd and their families live in the Atlanta area.
  • Lucy Monta Rae Berrong- Born 2/24/1917 in Habersham , Ga. Died 1/25/1995 Atlanta, Ga.  Monta Rae Berrong married W. Grady Miles and they had 5 children. Michael Miles, Sandra Miles, Dolores Miles, Greg Miles, and Chris Miles.  Michael and Sandra are deceased. Michael had 4 children with 9 great grand children. Sandra had 4 children with 11 great grand children. Dolores had 3 children, Greg had 1 son, and Chris is not married.    Dolores, Greg, and Chris Miles all live in the Atlanta area.
  • Eddy Berrong – Born 1/13/1919 in Habersham, Ga. Lives in West Palm Beach, Fl. Eddy Berrong was married twice. Her 1st husband was Jim Barry. He was a WW 2 pilot and was killed in a plane crash training exercise. They had 1 child, Jim Barry, Jr. Her 2nd husband was John Hargis. They had 2 children. Whiting Hargis and Mary Hargis. Eddy and all 3 of her children with their families, live in the West Palm Beach, Fl. Area.

 Thanks To Chris Miles For Providing This Info !

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