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The Berrong Family Tree

Descendants Of Henry Berrong 

Read all about this family from Hiawassee, Georgia

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Generation 1

BERRONG1 was born in France. He married UNKNOWN.
Children of Berrong 1 and Unknown are:

1) William Bonaparte Berrong
2) Henry Napoleon Berrong, b. 1785, France; d. 1885,
Buried in Upper Hightower Baptist Church Cemetery, Towns Co.,GA.


Generation 2

Henry Napoleon Berrong Henry Berrong Photowas born 1785 in France, and died in 1885. He is buried in Upper Hightower Baptist Church Cemetery, Towns Co. GA. He married twice: Sally Coleman in Newberry District, SC. Mary Ruckard April 10, 1814 in Newbury District, SC.

Children of Henry Berrong and Sally Coleman are:

  •  Unknown ( Male)
  •  Jesse Berrong(SEE BELOW) b. 1805, Lexington, S.C.; d. July 15, 1885, Towns, GA.
  • Mary Berrong b. 1808; m. Thomas Tatum

Children of Henry Berrong and Mary Ruckard are:


Generation 3

Jesse Berrong

(HENRY NAPOLEON, BERRONG1) Jesse Berrong was born 1805 in Lexington, S.C., and died July 15, 1885 in Towns, GA. He married Susan Chastain Abt. 1828 in Buncombe or Haygood, NC, daughter of Benjamin Chastain and Nancy Hooper.


  • Calvin Berrong Born abt. 1851 in Georgia.
  •  Margaret Berrong d. died young.
  • Unknown
  •  John Pickney "Pink" Berrong b. 1841; d. June 27, 1922, Fulton County, GA.
  •  William J. Berrong (SEE BELOW)b. Abt. 1829, North Carolina.
  •  Nancy Armina Berrong b. April 11, 1830, Towns County, GA; d. January 04, 1908, Lower Hightower Baptist Church Cemetery, Towns County, GA. Married Elihu DENTON
  •  Henry Newton Berrong  b. September 08, 1834; d. March 22, 1900.
  • Lydia Berrong b. July 23, 1836, Towns County, GA; d. January 01, 1924, Gideon, Ok. b. Blue Springs Cemetery, Tahlequah, Ok..She married Solomon Smith CORN on 7 Mar 1852 in Union County, Georgia.
  • Leander Jackson "Jack" Berrong Leander Jackson Berrong Photob. November 10, 1844, Union (Towns) County, Georgia; d. March 15, 1927, Upper Hightower Baptist Church Cemetery, Towns Co. GA.
  • Isaac Washington Berrong Isaac Washington Berrong Photo b. May 03, 1847; d. November 28, 1928, Upper Hightower Baptist Church Cemetery, Towns County, GA.
  •  Malinda H.Berrong b. 1849; m. Unknown Sellers.
  • Joseph Marion Berrong , b. April 12, 1852; d. July 02, 1935. Married Margaret HENSON.
  • Howell Cobb Berrong b. 1856, Towns County, GA; d. November 1870, Upper Hightower Baptist Church Cemetery, Towns Co. GA.
  •  Sumner J. Berrong b. May 29, 1857; d. February 04, 1933, Lower Hightower Baptist Church Cemetery, Towns County, GA.
  •  Jesse Miles Berrong b. March 14, 1860, Towns County, GA; d. Abt. 1939, Towns County, GA. He was baptized in 1895 in Hiawassee Baptist Church. He was buried in Osborn Cemetery, Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia.

Generation 4

William J. Berrong

(JESSE, HENRY NAPOLEON, BERRONG1) was born Abt. 1829 in North Carolina. He married Susan "SUKEY" Hooper January 06, 1851 in Union County, GA, daughter of Isaac Hooper and Sarah Ledbetter.

Children of William J. Berrong & Susan Hooper Berrong:

1) Alameda Mead Berrong b. 1871; m. George L. Beck.

2) Florah Berrong was born about 1879 in Towns County, Georgia

3) George Lester Berrong was born in 1876 in Towns County, Georgia. He died in 1935 in Eastman, Georgia. He married Roshea Henson. He also married Dora Mae Mason.

4) Martha Berrong was born about 1856 in Towns County, Georgia

5) Sarah Lavina Berrong m. ABRAHAM H BOWEN.

6) Lucinda C. Berrong b. Abt. 1852, Georgia; m. WILLIAM J. HOOPER, September 17, 1867, Towns County, GA.

7) Jesse M. Berrong b. Abt. 1854, Georgia. He married Jane McClure on August 04, 1872 .

8) Lydia Jane Berrong b. Abt. 1856, Georgia; m. Frank Smith, September 20, 1874, Towns County, GA.

9) Joseph L. Berrong b. Abt. 1857, Georgia; m. Connie Owen.

10) Isaac Richardson Berrong b. Abt. 1858, Georgia. Died April 3, 1918.

11) Mary A. Berrong b. Abt. 1861, Georgia.

12) Cordelia A. Berrong b. Abt. 1864, Georgia.

13) William M. Berrong, "Little Bill" b. Abt.1866; died April 27,1934. <SEE BELOW>

14) Lacy L. Berrong b. Abt. 1868, Georgia. He married Ellen Ledford.

15) Marinda Haseltine Berrong b. Abt. 1870, Georgia; m. George W. Tanner.

Generation 5

William M. Berrong "Wild Bill"

William M. Berrong was born on June 18,1866 in Towns Co.GA He died on April 27, 1934. He marriedRose McNabb on July 28, 1887 in Towns County. Rosa was born on Sept 17,1868 in Towns Co. and died on June 17, 1948. She was the daughter of VIRGIL P. MCNABB(1836-1924) and ARMINDA A. TROUT (1840-1901) .William & Rosa are both buried in Lower Bell Creek Cem, Towns County, Hiawassee, Georgia.


1) Lola Berrong John A. Berrong Photob. April 26, 1891; d. December 19, 1959. She married TERRELL LEDFORD

2) Neta Berrong was born on 19 Sep 1887. She died on 7 Apr 1953. She was married to JESS OWENBY.

3) John A. BerrongJohn A. Berrong Photo b. Jan 16, 1895; d. April 18, 1984, Towns County, GA; m.MARY FOSTER.

4) Bertha Berrong Bertha Berrong Photomarried Jim Beck.  

5) Bon Berrong Bon Berrong Photo was born on November 22, 1898 and died in Rome, Floyd County, GA on June 22, 1954. He married HETTIE LEDFORD daughter of Henry Ledford and Mary Ann Martin Ledford . Hettie was born on February 24, 1904 and died on October 11, 1920.

6) Lassie Berrong m. MARION LOCKABY.

7) Terrel Berrong Died of Pneumonia on March 24, 1934 in Towns County Georgia.

Frank & Terrel Berrong Photo(Click here to see the photo of Frank and Terrell)

8) Frank B. Berrong married unknown in Virginia and they had one child.

William M Berrong  Family PhotoClick to see William M. Berrong's Family Photo

Generation 6

Nevert May Berrong Nevert Berrong Photo The son of Bon Berrong and Hettie Ledford. He was Born 10-09-1920 in Towns County, GA. and died 4-11-1995 in Union County, GA. He married Robbie Lee Parton in 1945.

My Grandfather & Me

My Grandpa Nevert Berrong  

Nevert M. Berrong & Shelia Stokes

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Grandpa's Life

They think that I should cook and clean, and be a model wife. I tell them it's more interesting to study Grandpa's life. They simply do not understand why I hate to go to bed . . . I'd rather do two hundred years of research work instead. Why waste the time we have on earth just snoring and asleep? When we can learn of ancestors that sailed upon the deep... 

We have Priests, Rabbis, lawmen, soldiers, more than just a few and yes, there's many scoundrels, and a bootlegger or two. How can a person find this life an awful drudge or bore? When we can live the lives of all those folks who came before... 

A hundred years from now of course, no one will ever know whether I did laundry, but they'll see "Our Tree" and glow . . . Cause their dear old granny left for them, for all posterity, not clean hankies and the like, but a finished family tree. 

My home may be untidy, 'cause I've better things to do . . I'm checking all the records to provide us with a clue. Old granny's pulling roots and branches out with glee, 
Her clothes ain't hanging out to dry, she's hung up on the Tree.

author unknown

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