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Joseph Marion Berrong

April 12, 1852 -- July 2,1935

Son of Jesse Berrong and Susan Chastain

Joseph married Margaret HENSON (daughter of James HENSON and Catherine BOTTLES) Catherine was born on July 7, 1851. She died on November 26,1934.

Joseph and Margaret had the following children:

Lydia C. BERRONG was born in 1872 in Towns County, Georgia.

Albert L. BERRONG was born in 1874 in Towns County, Georgia.

Amelton T. BERRONG was born in 1876 in Towns County, Georgia.

Susan C. BERRONG was born in 1878 in Towns County, Georgia.

Hester J. BERRONG was born in 1879 in Towns County, Georgia

Ida Ann BERRONG was born on 15 Mar 1884 in Towns County, Georgia and died on 24 Jan 1963. She married John Herschel ALLEN.

Margaret Vassie BERRONG m She married Henry Spurgeon KIMSEY

Grover Hendrix BERRONG He married Lassie TAYLOR

Ruby BERRONG was born on Nov 18,1894 and died on Feb 26,1927. She married George C. TAYLOR (son of Francis Bartow "Bart" TAYLOR and Luvenia Jane GARRETT)

Kittie BERRONG married Jesse Osborn Henry BROWN (son ofAbsalom Marion BROWN and Margaret Ann OSBORN) on 25 Dec 1896 in Towns County, Georgia


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