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November 29, 1862 - 1912

The daughter of Henry Newton BERRONG and Nancy Elizabeth LLOYD

Lydia Eliza Jane BERRONG was born on 29 Nov 1862 in Towns County, Georgia. She died during the year of 1912 in Commerce, Jackson County, Georgia. She was married to David Francis BURRELL on 24 Apr 1890 in Towns County, Georgia.

David Francis Burrell was the son of Center BURRELL and Sarah DENTON. He was born on JUL 31 1854 in Towns County, GA.  He died on APR 23 1941 in Towns County, GA.  He was buried in Commerce, Jackson County, GA

Lydia Eliza Jane Berrong & David Francis Burrell had the following children:

Lillie Victoria BURRELL.

Edgar D. BURRELL was born on SEP 6 1893 in Towns County, GA.  He died on AUG 15 1971 in GA.

Bessie L. BURRELL.

Georgia H. BURRELL. 

Mabell S. BURRELL was born on MAY 10 1899 in Towns County, GA. She died on MAY 8 1993

Joseph R. BURRELL was born on DEC 15 1903 in Towns County, GA.He died on DEC 14 1980.


                    Note: David Francis Burrell was also married to Louvenia Haseltin CORN on JAN 6 1884 in Towns County, GA , the daughter of Solomon S. CORN and Lydia BERRONG


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