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My Branch Of The Tree



Polly Jo Berrong

(Daughter of Nevert & Robbie)


Robbie and Nevert holding their oldest daughter Polly Jo



Polly, Nevert & Robbie


My Mom & Dad

Polly & Willard


Nevert & Robbie



Nevert Berrong & Grand-daughter Shelia (daughter of Polly & Willard)


Nevert May Berrong


Nevert & great-granddaughter Chasity (daughter of Shelia)

Robbie holding her great-great grand-daughter Megan (daughter of Chasity)


My Sweet Angel

Miss Megan

Daughter of Chasity

(Granddaughter of Shelia, Great-Granddaughter of Polly & Willard, Great-Great Granddaughter of Nevert & Robbie Berrong)


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