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Berrong Family

Photo Index

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William M. Berrong Family

Rosa McNabb ( wife of William M. Berrong)

John A. Berrong (son of Willliam M. Berrong & Rosa McNabb).

Bon Berrong (son of William M. Berrong & Rosa McNabb)

Nevert May Berrong & Wife Robbie Parton Berrong. (son of Bon Berrong & Hettie Ledford)

Nevert May Berrong & Robbie Berrong's family.

Grand-children of Polly Jo Berrong (daughter of Nevert & Robbie Parton Berrong)

Family Page of Scotty Stokes (Grandson of  Nevert & Robbie Berrong  )

Frank & Terrell Berrong (sons of Willam M. Berrong & Rosa McNabb).

Bertha Berrong & Husband Jim Beck. (daughter of William M. Berrong & Rosa McNabb).

Lola Berrong & Husband Terrel Ledford. (Daughter of William M. Berrong & Rosa McNabb).

Lola Berrong & Terrel Ledford's Family

Ruby Ledford Stiles & Husband Reid Stiles. (daughter of Lola Berrong & Terrel Ledford).

Christabell, Armantha & James Homer Berrong. (James Homer Berrong was the son of John Robert Berrong & S. Armantha Reynolds. Christabell is the daughter of James Homer Berrong).

Ethel L. Berrong (daughter of John Robert Berrong & Armantha Reynolds) & husband Preston Dwight.

S. Armantha Reynolds Berrong Wife of John Robert Berrong.( John Robert Berrong was the son of Henry Newton Berrong & Nancy Elizabeth Lloyd).

Mildred & Floyd Dwight (children of Ethel L. Berrong & Preston Dwight).

Eulis Berrong (son of James Homer Berrong & Talitha Brown).

Clyde Ashe (husband of Geneva Berrong)

Leander Jackson Berrong (son of Jesse Berrong & Susan Chastain).

Lydia Berrong & husband Solomon Corn. (daughter of Jesse Berrong & Susan Chastain)

Berrong Mystery Photos

Claude F. Berrong & Marisa Haseltine Foster. (Son of Sumner J. Berrong & Nancy Dillard).

A view of Berrong Mountain from Upper Hightower Baptist Church Cemetery.

Henry Napoleon Berrong

Isaac Washington Berrong & Marinda Grist

Charles Washington Berrong & Edna Jura Swanson

Cortez Fernando Berrong & Wife Abbie. Cortez is the son of Isaac Washington Berrong & Marinda Grist. (The ? Corns are also included in this photo).

James Howard Berrong - The son of Daniel B. Berrong & Lillie Swain.

  Dessie Faye Berrong - The daughter of Herschel A. and Margariette Arrendale. She married Luther Talmadge Stone.

  Margaret Claudia   The daughter of  Howell Jennings Foster and Inez Fisher Thomas. The grand-daughter of Rufus Lester Foster and Margaret Caroline Berrong.

  Diane Foster - Grand-daughter of Howell Jennings Foster and Inez Fisher Foster. Great-Grand daughter of Margaret Caroling Berrong Foster  and Rufus Lester Foster.

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