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The Story Of The Two Berrong Brothers

Henry Napoleon Berrong    was born 1785 in France, and died in 1885. He is buried in Upper Hightower Baptist Church Cemetery, Towns Co. GA. He married twice: Sally Coleman in Newberry District, SC. Mary Ruckard April 10, 1814 in Newbury District, SC.

Children Of Henry Napleon Berrong & Sally Coleman  Jesse Berrong,   Mary Berrong b. 1808; m. Thomas Tatum, Unknown ( Male)


Jesse Berrong  married Susan Chastain Abt. 1828. They had the following children

Children of Henry Berrong and Mary Ruckard

  1.  Susannah Berrong Bryson

  2.  Lydia Berrong Bryson -

  3.  Elizabeth Antoinette Berrong Hooper

  4.   Henry Jr. Berrong

  5.  Artemissa Berrong Denton

  6.  Andrew Jackson Berrong











Dessie Faye Berrong (The daughter of Herschel A. Berrong and Margariette Arrendale) She married Luther Talmadge Stone

Margaret Claudia Foster  (The daughter of Howell Jennings Foster and Inez Fisher Thomas. The grand-daughter of Rufus Lester Foster and Margaret Caroline Berrong)




The son of Andrew J Berrong & L. Allen

Julius Lavator Berrong

Descendants of Artemissa Berrong & Samuel Denton

Descendants of Elizabeth Antoinette Berrong & Levi Sr. Hooper

  • Teresa Haseltine Hooper (daughter of Eliza & Levi) She married Weston Hyatt Foster. Their daughter Mary C. Foster married John A. Berrong ( The son of William M. Berrong & Rose Mcnabb)

Children of Mary C. Foster & John A. Berrong

The children of Henry Newton Berrong & Elizabeth Lloyd

Andrew Bryson Family

Thomas Bryson Family

Samuel Denton Family

Levi Hooper Family

L Osborn Family

Elihu Denton Family

Clyde Ashe Family

Georgia Matney Sellers Family

Solomon Corn Family

Preston Dwight Family

Patton Family

Nancy Elizabeth Garrett

Margaret Henson

Marinda Haseltine Grist

Nancy Dillard

Armantha S Reynolds

Alice Talitha Brown

John Pickney Berrong

The children of Henry Newton Berrong & Nancy Talitha Tipton

The son of Jesse M. Berrong and Jane McClure

Daniel B. Berrong

The children of Daniel B. Berrong & Lillie Swain


The children of   John Robert Berrong & Armantha S Reynolds


The children of James Homer Berrong & Alice Talitha Brown



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